Who’s at your table?

Who's at your table?

Who’s at your table?

Who's at your table?

Do you feel stuck in a particular area of your life and unsure of which route to take? Maybe you just have so much on and you can’t find clarity or decide on your next steps? You have an idea or a gift for the world but it feels heavy doing it all on your own. I know, I’ve been there. Great opportunity, great vision, but no one to carry it with.

Steven R. Covey said something like this in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, ‘many of the great things accomplished in the history of our civilisation have been achieved by the independent will of a determined soul, but the greatest opportunities and boundless accomplishments are for those that can master the art of ‘we’. ‘

I was recently a facilitator on a Missional Entrepreneurship Course called ‘Make Good’, a course developed by Church Mission Society, Pickwell Foundation and Matryoshka Haus. The course helps students, pioneers and social entrepreneurs turn their ideas for social change into action. It explores ways to make sure their project, business or ministry best meets the needs of the people or cause they hope to serve, whilst navigating options for financial sustainability.

One of the most pivotal moments on the course happens during a session on day 3 called ‘working with others’, where we explore collaborations, partnerships and essentially ask the question ‘Who is at the table with you?’

I noticed that those with the ‘lone ranger’ spirit were passionate and excited about their ideas for change, hope and justice, but also burdened with their endeavours. For many, the weight of carrying a vision and then making it happen all on your own can be burdensome, and maximising the right opportunities whilst taking clear and strategic steps can be a handful for one individual. It’s very easy to feel like you have to get things done on your own, but projects will often flourish when an individual’s mindset goes from ‘me’ to ‘we’. Eventually, as the tabletop coaching continues, they start to consider dream collaborations, teams or partnerships they hadn’t considered before.

Do you know that you don’t have to do it all on your own?

In my journey as an entrepreneur in a leadership position, an integral partnership has been that of a coach or mentor in my life. A coach or mentor:

  • provides someone to talk to
  • shares knowledge and expertise
  • develops skills
  • helps you find clarity in goal setting
  • builds confidence, resilience and character
  • helps you to reach your full potential
  • and so much more

Whether it’s for maximising an opportunity or break-through during a challenge, a coach or mentor is someone you should have at your table, because we are better together.

I think of some of the greatest teams, partnerships and mentorships of old; Mordecai & Esther; Jethro & Moses; Naomi & Ruth; Jesus and the disciples; Moses, Aaron, and the elders; Eli & Samuel; Elizabeth & Mary and I realise that God is all about teams and the art of ‘we’. We weren’t made to do it all alone.

I feel blessed to have had a Christian Coach in my corporate workplace and in my personal life. It means God is right at the centre of our discussions and we can prayerfully seek to understand and listen to God’s direction.

It was through sessions with my coach that we breathed life back into old dreams which have now come true. It’s where we tackled and disarmed mindsets and perceptions that were hindering progression. It’s where I received help to tune into God’s voice and call in my life and ministry. It’s where I had the ear and the voice of a fellow believer to help me keep my Christ-taught values as the foundational cornerstone of my business.

You stop feeling stuck when you have someone to walk alongside you during particular seasons. You find more clarity when you have an extra pair of eyes to look at the situation with you. You grow in confidence and faith when you have someone to build you up through life-giving words, and that what a Christian coach or mentor is for.

The Bible says this:


Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.


As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

ROMANS 15:14

I myself am convinced, my brothers and sisters, that you yourselves are full of goodness, filled with knowledge and competent to instruct one another.

When ‘me’ becomes ‘we’ greater things are accomplished. So, I’ll leave you with this question, ‘who is at your table?’.



Shovorne Adams - author

Shovorne Adams – Founder of The Hope Table Sisterhood


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Hi, I’m Shovorne Charly Adams, founder of The Hope Table Sisterhood a blog created to provide simple reminders that point you towards Christ as we serve God, our families, our businesses, our church and each other. Iron sharpens iron and I believe that we’re better together!I’m a wife and mum of two. I was a single mum of 2 boys by the time I was 19 whom I raised alone for about 17 years. I am now married to an awesome man of God. I graduated with First class honours in Business Entrepreneurship. I’d love to coach you if you’re a Christian Woman hoping to live your best life right where you are whilst taking action to reach your full God-given potential. I hope to prayerfully collaborate with you as you create and design steps to reach your God-given dreams and goals.

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