Our Values and Ethical Framework

Values of the Christian Coach and Mentor Network

These values are about mentors, coaches and mentoring/coaching, based on a Christian worldview.

Values are the central principles by which we live, from which other decisions are able to be made. All of our mentors and coaches agree to these values when they join the Christian Coach and Mentor Network and agree to continue to uphold them in their mentoring and coaching.

We value service to others.

We are Christians offering a mentoring and coaching service. We are learning what it means to follow God wholeheartedly with all of our lives. People are welcome without judgement and we are open to people of all faiths and none.

We believe that our role is to support people on their personal journey, with an aim of facilitating personal growth.

We value quality in our mentoring and coaching.

We believe in doing the very best that we can. It’s important to us that we use our skills well and so we are constantly learning and growing as mentors and coaches. We hold highly to honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, loyalty and fairness, and we have respect and concern for the mentee/coachee.

We value enabling the mentee/coachee to make healthy decisions.

As mentors and coaches we want the best for our mentees/coachees. Whilst we may offer thoughts, we will always encourage mentees/coachees to make their own life decisions. Our role is to enable and to empower the mentee/coachee. We will offer a Christian perspective only when relevant and requested.

We value the creation of a safe environment in which to work.

Safety is important to us – whether physical, spiritual or emotional. We are committed to acting in a safe way in accordance with the Christian Coach and Mentoring Network’s ethical framework.

We value you…please value us too!

We don’t ask for much, but we do ask mentees/coachees to be respectful both in their initial message and in their mentoring or coaching relationship. The Christian Coach and Mentor Network is passionate about connecting mentors, coaches, mentees  and coachees as part of our vision of raising the profile of mentoring and coaching in the UK, so please keep your communication connected to mentoring and coaching and let us know if anything is unrelated or inappropriate.

When done well, mentoring and coaching can change lives – so let’s have fun, value one another and prepare for big things!


Ethical Framework

Ethics are guidelines for conduct, and they remain consistent. They relate to the expected and responsible actions and attitudes of mentors and coaches towards themselves and their mentees/coachees. All of our mentors and coaches agree to this ethical framework when they join the Christian Coach and Mentor Network and agree to continue to uphold them in their mentoring and coaching.

Professionalism in practice

I will…

  • Continue to develop myself as a Christian in maturity and knowledge.
  • Actively seek knowledge, experience and wisdom to develop myself as a mentor/coach.
  • Use a variety of mentoring and coaching tools and techniques to support the mentee/coachee’s decisions and growth.
  • Be aware of my competency limits.
  • Signpost to other services when I am aware that continuing in the relationship would be operating outside of my individual limits.
  • Seek to provide a suitable and appropriate framework for the mentoring or coaching relationship in contracting, reviewing and ending the relationship.
  • Maintain a relationship with a suitably qualified person to whom I can be accountable in the mentoring and coaching work I do.

Personal Integrity

I will…

  • Maintain appropriate confidentiality throughout the mentoring/coaching relationship and afterwards.
  • Act within the law at all times and not encourage, collude or assist in law-breaking behaviour.
  • Act and behave in a professional manner at all times during mentoring and coaching.
  • Deal with any potential conflicts of interest as soon as I am aware of them and resolve them swiftly and professionally.
  • Not mislead others in the way I present myself professionally, in terms of my competency and qualifications.
  • Act with fairness and respect in any financial transactions I make in my mentoring/coaching relationships.
  • Appropriately manage the expectations within the mentoring/coaching relationship.
  • Hold mentoring and coaching meetings in an appropriate place, preferably in public where we can be overseen but not overheard.
  • Encourage the exploration of different theologies and allow the mentee/coachee to come to their own conclusions.
  • Value all things shared with me in confidence, unless there is a likelihood of harm to self or others, or there has been a disclosure of abuse.
  • Take into account safeguarding best practice, even if not working with vulnerable adults.

I understand that if I am found in breach of the values and ethical framework of the Christian Coach and Mentor Network, that my details may be removed from our website and I may be refused permission to place any further details on it.

Breaches of the Ethical Framework

The Christian Coach and Mentor Network is a platform to connect mentors and mentees, coaches and coachees, and to raise the profile of mentoring and coaching in the UK. We ask all mentors  and coaches to agree to the values and ethical framework before their details can be added to the site. Mentees/coachees are expected to exercise due diligence, taking care to keep themselves and their information safe when initiating and developing a mentoring or coaching relationship.

We have given mentors and coaches the opportunity to showcase their skills and qualifications, but we do not endorse any of the mentors or coaches on this site nor hold any responsibility for mentoring or coaching relationships that come about through the Christian Coach and Mentor Network.

If you have any concerns, please contact us. We will remove any content not consistent with our values, ethical framework and data policy and will follow up any issues raised with us.

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