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About The Mentor Network

The Mentor Network is a digital hub for Christian mentoring and coaching. We are passionate about Christian mentoring and coaching, about overall consistency in the work that is offered from Christian mentors and coaches, and about the Christian community working together to provide a valuable and worthwhile service to those seeking a Christian mentor or coach.The pressures of Christian ministry demands a wide range of gifts, skills and a depth of spirituality. As demanding as this is, many have also found themselves isolated and have been looking for mentors and coaches to travel with them. Those who have found mentors and coaches testify to the impact on their life and leadership, but many struggle to find a mentor or coach, often not knowing who to ask or where to go.

Alison Cansdale (previously Project Manager for Mentor Connect), has worked with other dedicated people to form The Mentor Network. The Mentor Network is supported by a highly qualified group forming the Mentor Network Working Group. The group is part of a charity and does not exist for profit.

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Our Story

The Mentor Network has evolved out of a former pilot project, known as Mentor Connect. Mentor Connect was a project formed in 2015 as a partnership between Evangelical Alliance (EA), Church pastoral Aid Society, (CPAS), Stewardship and the (then) Mentoring Network, (headed up by Paul Wilcox).

Mentor Connect worked to create a dedicated website that linked church leaders with carefully selected and equipped Christian mentors who were able to offer their time and wisdom. It grew out of a shared concern that leaders continue to face significant challenges to lead and grow the Church to fulfil its calling to reach and affect the nation for Christ. The mentoring/coaching and digital worlds have changed significantly since the early days of Mentor Connect.

After over a year of project managing the initiative, Alison worked with a group of nationally recognised mentors coaches and trainers to expand the vision and work on this digital hub, now called The Mentor Network. One of the Bible verses that was significant in this formation was Isaiah 45:2, ‘enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your curtains wide, do not hold back, lengthen your cords and tighten your stakes.’ So the vision of The Mentor Network has widened to go further than the predecessor Mentor Connect. The Mentor Network connects not just leaders, but youth workers and anyone wanting a spiritual mentor. The work has widened as well in acknowledging the different types of Christian mentors and coaches that exist, giving them space to display their abilities in their field.

The Mentor Network is also about connecting mentors and coaches together in geographical locations, to promote their work, learning and support. Mentor resources are also a part of the picture with links to resources other mentors and coaches find helpful.


Our current website

The way in which people access information and resource themselves needs to be simple to use and meet current local and national needs.The Mentor Network provides up to date information for Christian mentors and coaches. Our current site has a growing database to help anyone find a mentor. We are continuing to compile valuable information for both mentors and mentees. Mentors now have a way of connecting with each other to form Regional Mentor Support Groups to stay in touch, build on their knowledge, offer peer supervision and camaraderie. There is also a section for supervision, and we hope this will build as mentors and coaches receive the help and support they need and deserve for the important work they do.

There is a building body of information about training, covering both Christian and non-Christian courses in mentoring and coaching as well as bespoke informal training. The resources section will help mentors and coaches to access helpful information in their ministry and work.

It is with great thanks to those founders, as their work has paved the way to form the new Mentor Network.

By being mentored, we empower those we mentor.

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