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Do you have blockages that are affecting your life or business? Do you need help to identify opportunities and changes that will open up new growth? Do you need help to bring your dreams into reality and to build a plan to your new future? Are you struggling with life balance and need help to identify the areas that need focus? With an extensive experience in the private sector, founder and partner in a professional coaching and mentoring business and using the professionally trained coaching and mentoring techniques that I have learned as well as a track record of success, I am well placed to support you on your journey. Contact me to help you re-imagine your life, your team or your business. Martin Skinner Check out my coaching and mentoring company website: for more info. LinkedIn profile:

Passionate and compassionate, optimistic and honest. Whilst coaching, I love adapting to the needs of individuals in a range of contexts. My faith is my guide, my intention is to serve God and show love and understanding to others, and in so doing bring hope and empathy to all those I work with.

Passionate about seeing people grow in their faith, in confidence in who they are and realise their God given potential.

I work as a professional Mentor Coach, providing a safe space to explore life and faith.  I can help you find renewed purpose in the area you wish to develop or change, whilst discerning and aligning the will of God.

Qualified Coach (London) with counselling training and 13 years experience working in charities & churches. I love helping people to clarify their thoughts, emotions & purpose to find the best way forward.

Do you need focus and alignment in your faith? Do you want to experience the more of what God has for you? And live in the overflow of abundant life? Are you experiencing spiritual warfare? or simply not knowing what's going on, are you needing wisdom, prayer and discernment for going forward? Contact me for more information.

I love to accompany others as they seek to deepen their relationship with God and to find Him in the everyday happenings of their lives. I also supervise those who have pastoral ministries and who would value the reflective space, the support and fresh perspective that supervision provides.

Kathryn Rogers

Abingdon, Oxfordshire

My life has been incredibly rich in terms of people, places and experiences and it’s a real joy to be able to draw alongside others as they seek to move forward in their ministry, using the unique gifts, skills and opportunities which God has given them.

I have a heart to see young women set free and find their true selves, their God selves, by offering a listening ear, a safe space to share and offer any help I can from walking with the Lord for 25+ years.

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