Mentoring and Coaching have high and potent value. But where do mentors and coaches get their support from?

Support and accountability is of vital importance to all helping roles.

If you are involved in Christian mentoring or coaching of any sort, and have no support, consider joining or starting a Regional Mentoring Support Group. This organic movement of mentoring groups is designed to meet the need for Christian mentors and coaches to have togetherness, accountability, peer supervision and training, on a regular basis.

Regional Mentor and Coach Support Group

It is a gathering of Christian mentors and coaches, grouped by region, who come together for mutual support, peer supervision, and to share training ideas. It is envisaged that the regional support groups might have some cross-fertilisation visits and sharing from other groups as they build. These groups are responsible for themselves and the people who attend them.

  • A supportive network is essential for Christian mentoring and coaching. Mentors and coaches need to support each other, particularly those who work alone. Learning from each other can be powerful, as new ideas are generated and difficult cases are shared anonymously in a supportive and confidential environment. As mentors and coaches, you know that to be heard is paramount. Mentors and coaches are good at supporting those who are mentored and coached, and it is important to address our own needs to be supported and encouraged by others.

The groups are designed to be mutually supportive. A person who offers to co-ordinate a group is not in leadership over those within the group but will be a contact point. It is recognised that all mentors and coaches are at different stages in training, expertise and practise. This is welcomed and an approach of mutual support is important to maintain. Mutual voluntary accountability is the aim, with each mentor and coach taking responsibility for their own training and support needs, both in and outside the group.

The regional support group does not provide formal supervision. Any confidential sharing within the group can offer peer support but is not an alternative to a formal supervision arrangement, with a qualified supervisor.


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