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TMN for mentors

The Mentor Network (TMN) is a digital hub for Christian mentoring and coaching. If you would like to join our growing network, read on!

It is a simple process to join with lots of benefits.

Being part of TMN will benefit you as a mentor. You can advertise you are available to mentor to not only in the local, but also in the wider Christian community. If you are wondering about more training in Christian mentoring you can explore the mentor training section. There are helpful resources in the mentor resource section that are regularly updated. You can also connect with a mentor or pastoral supervisor who will be able to help you to develop in your ministry, personal formation and emotional health.

Adding your profile to our site is free (see ‘What About Charges?’ below). You just need to create an account on our site, then log in and fill in your details. Once we approve your profile (which includes two voluntary references) we will make your profile live.

You can register and access your account here.

Your profile will include all the information that a potential mentee will see about you, plus some additional info and contact details for our records.

The main body of your profile needs to give a few details about you as a person and will help the potential mentee to get a feel for the kind of person you are. What are your hobbies? Do you have children? What is your passion for Jesus? This is not about trying to impress a mentee, but to give them information to help them decide whether a mentoring relationship will work for them.

Shorter and friendly is usually better – and remember that this not a competition with other mentors! We believe in Godly and timely relationships.

You do not have to be a ‘professional’ mentor or have any specific qualifications, although any relevant training you have can be added to you profile.

We recommend you give us two voluntary references. These can be people you work with, that you mentor or have mentored you. Whilst we do not guarantee mentors, a willingness to provide references demonstrates transparency on your part as a mentor.

We also ask you to agree to abide by our Values and Ethical Framework. You can read these here.

We believe that the information you supply is not only valuable to the mentee but also empowering for their choices.

If you’re interested in developing as a mentor see our training and resources pages.

The Mentor Network (TMN) does not currently charge for you to advertise as a mentor on this site. You are free to advertise your mentoring rates to your mentees on application.

You are and remain fully responsible for any financial agreements or payments between you and your mentees. For further information see our Payments FAQ.

We welcome any donations you are willing to make to help maintain the site. See how you can support The Mentor Network here.

Whilst you may have attended The Mentor Network (TMN) training day and submitted voluntary references, things could go wrong (though this would be very unusual), and it is helpful for the mentee if you have insurance. The Mentor Network (TMN) does not accept any liability for the mentoring work done or provide insurance cover for any mentors. Personal indemnity insurance is required either through an organisation (e.g. church) or it can be purchased as an individual. We recommend that you check what your insurance cover includes, for instance, what types of mentoring, what level of help you are offering, etc.

The Mentor Network complaints procedure can be found here.

The mentor and mentee are expected to attempt to resolve any issues with each other in the first instance. If a mentee were to contact The Mentor Network, they would be encouraged to contact you directly about an issue if they have not already.

The Mentor Network does not enter into any disputes or mediation.

Subscription fee:  £40.00 per year
This fee is to be paid via BACS (bank transfer), using your name as a reference to:
CAF Bank
Sort code: 40-52-40
Account Number: 00024448

The Mentor Network subscription goes towards the ongoing running costs of our ministry, to allow all to access Christian mentoring and coaching in the UK. We appreciate that it is not possible for everybody to pay, however we would still like to encourage you to offer mentoring to others. We therefore make a limited number of subscriptions available free every year to those for whom the subscription fee is a barrier to offering mentoring. [or equivalent qualifier – so people know whether it’s ‘applicable’ to them] If this is applicable to you, then please contact us on and we can give you application details. In addition we also offer discounted rates to organisations who wish to sign up groups of mentors; please contact us to discuss this.

Some of our mentors charge for the sessions they provide. As The Mentor Network is a charitable platform that enables you to advertise in this way, we would ask you to consider tithing 10% of the earnings you make as a result of connections made on our website. This will support our ministry and ensure its longevity.

The Mentor Network reserves the right to withdraw a mentor profile and refuse further profiles if it is believed that the mentor may have acted outside of the Values and Ethical Framework initially signed up to.

We hope you will be looking forward to adding your profile! You can create an account here.

Please read our Values and Ethical Framework
I have read and agree to TMN's Values and Ethical Framework