CCMN for Mentors and Coaches

The Christian Coach and Mentor Network is a digital hub for Christian mentoring and coaching in the UK. If you would like to join our growing network, read on!

It is a simple process to join with lots of benefits.

Being part of the Christian Coach and Mentor Network will benefit you as a mentor and/or a coach. You can find Christians to mentor and coach not only in the local area but also in the wider Christian community.

You can develop your skills – why not explore our training section?

Helpful resources to ensure you are the best and safest mentor and coach possible are found in the resource section that is regularly updated.

You can also connect with a coach or mentor supervisor who will be able to help you to develop in your ministry, personal formation and emotional health.

And in some areas, you can meet with other coaches and mentors in our Regional groups so that you can experience accountability, peer support and training on a regular basis.

As a member of CCMN you get access to all of our member benefits as follows:

Resource pack including:

  • A checklist and some common models to help you when beginning the mentor/coach relationship
  • A sample data protection agreement
  • A sample contract
  • How to finish a group of mentor or coaching sessions

CCMN member’s logo

Specific Member’s Newsletter

Training and events – Members discount on training and other events

Regional Groups – Here you can network with other Christian Coaches and mentors in your region.

You do not have to be a ‘professional’ mentor or coach or have any specific qualifications, although any relevant training you have can be added to your profile.

We do ask you to provide two referees who can provide us with references.  One should be your church/spiritual leader and the second a character reference from someone you have already mentored or coached.

We also ask you to agree to abide by our Values and Ethical Framework. You can read these here.

We believe that the information you supply is not only valuable to the mentee or coachee but also empowers their choices.

If you’re interested in developing as a mentor or coach see our training and resources pages.

The Christian Coach and Mentor Network (CCMN) charges a small subscription fee of £50 for the first year and £25 for subsequent years for all mentors and coaches registered on the site. The subscription goes towards the ongoing running costs of our ministry, to allow all to access Christian mentoring and coaching in the UK.

We recognise that this fee is prohibitive for some however and would still like to encourage you to offer mentoring or coaching to others. We, therefore, have a small bursary fund available.  If you wish to apply please contact us at providing us with details of why you wish to apply. Please note that we have a limited number of bursaries available, so we reserve the right to refuse to award a bursary if necessary.

In addition we also offer discounted rates to organisations who wish to sign up groups of mentors; please contact us to discuss these reduced rates.

Some of our mentors and coaches charge for the sessions they provide. You are free to advertise your coaching and mentoring rates to your coachees or mentees on application.  You are and remain fully responsible for any financial agreements or payments between you and your mentees. For further information see our Payments FAQ.

As CCMN is a charitable platform that enables you to advertise in this way, we would ask you to consider tithing 10% of the earnings you make as a result of connections made on our website. This will support our ministry and ensure its longevity.  In addition, we welcome any donations you are willing to make to help maintain the site. See how you can donate to CCMN here.

Whilst you may have attended training sessions and although CCMN have followed up on your references, things could go wrong (though this would be very unusual), and it is helpful for the mentee or coachee if you have insurance. CCMN does not accept any liability for the mentoring or coaching work done or provide insurance cover for any mentors/coaches. Personal indemnity insurance is therefore recommended either through an organisation (e.g. church) or it can be purchased as an individual. We recommend that you check what your insurance cover includes, for instance, what types of mentoring and coaching, what level of help you are offering, etc.

The Christian Coach and Mentor Network complaints procedure can be found here.

The mentor/coach and mentee/coachee are expected to attempt to resolve any issues with each other in the first instance. If a mentee/coachee were to contact The Christian Coach and Mentor Network, they would be encouraged to contact you directly about an issue if they have not already.

The Christian Coach and Mentor Network does not enter into any disputes or mediation.

    Please read our Values and Ethical Framework
    I have read and agree to CCMN's Values and Ethical Framework