Inspire, Connect, Transform

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Inspire, Connect, Transform

“Now we have time space to breathe”: these are words I say most days to small groups of children in school, or groups of adults as we begin peer support sessions, or one to one mentoring/coaching sessions.  It is a moment when we stop to connect with one another, gently inviting one another to be together. If this is as part of Christian event we use this moment to acknowledge God with us.

What is happening in this moment of connection? I believe we are becoming fully present in the moment, noticing the presence of God, attending to the presence of other people with us and acknowledging how we are. It is deep listening and a place of deep talking.

It is a moment when God’s story, my story, and another’s story come together. 

Connection sparks inspiration to move forward as together we become curious, enabling questions to be spoken and named. In the context of mentoring, the client may be asking in this moment questions like: 

  • What are the next steps for me?
  • What are the goals about to be discerned and decided upon?
  • What am I missing?
  • What do I need to learn?
  • What are my blind spots, how do I discover these blind spots?

We listen intently and notice how we are thinking and feeling. We wonder together about the possibilities in front of us becoming a reality.

As a Christian Mentor and Coach I am inspired by the life of Jesus, the Good Shepherd. Like him I want to connect with people to enable them to be the best of themselves and flourish, to wonder and be curious about the questions waiting to be named and explored.

As a mentor and coach I am walking with people in a compassionate connection. Matthew 9:36 tells us Jesus had compassion for those who seemed confused and unsure where to go – like sheep without a shepherd. Whether you are a seasoned and experienced coach or mentor, or someone exploring the possibility of being mentored, it is important to connect  in a supportive and compassionate way. This is the first step in enabling transformation to begin. It is always from this connection that relational trust is born, where the tools and technique the mentor is trained in come into play to inspire those steps to be taken on the way to meeting the clients goals.

Psalm 23 tells us of the ways in which the Good Shepherd relates to those in his care: with love; providing rest; providing nourishment; providing ways to live with sorrow and sadness; helping people to find ways to travel the valley depths. The shepherd is a guide and enables the sheep to flourish. The relationship is one of safety and one that enables the sheep to be brave, taking risks as they follow the Good Shepherd.

A mentoring/coaching relationship has all these hallmarks within it. It is a relationship where the other may have rest, may be nourished and challenged, may find the brave and safe space in which inspired new learning and discovery happens and transformation to a new reality emerges. Mentoring and coaching transforms people. If you are seeking support as a mentor or a coach, or you are person seeking someone to mentor or coach you, do connect with us at CCMN. 

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