General FAQs

No, we do not endorse any training course above another. Everyone’s requirements are different, and so the same course will not suit everyone. People choose courses for lots of different reasons. Some do not want to travel far, some go on a course because someone they know attended and found it helpful, some people want a particular qualification. On the training page, you will find helpful guidance information about what kinds of courses are available.

No, there are many more mentors and coaches in the UK than there are on the current list. Some mentors and coaches are already busy with clients, others may not know yet about us. If you know someone who is a mentor or coach, please do tell them about the website!

We are ecumenical and inter-denominational, not aligning with any one Christian grouping. Many mentees and coachees prefer to have a mentor or coach from a different denomination to the one they align with. It can bring richness and new angles to the mentoring or coaching relationship. If you have a concern about this check with the individual mentors and coaches.

As a mentee or a coachee when you email a potential mentor or coach you email through our website.  We collect your name and your email address.  One month later we will email you to ask if you have started a mentoring or coaching relationship.  If you have three months later we will email you again to ask if it was successful.  We will then delete your name and email address from our database.   If you do not wish to receive these emails please contact to opt out.

We rely on donations, grants and the yearly payment that our Mentors and Coaches make to be listed on our website.  If you want to support our work then please consider donating here.  Or if you can help in any other way please contact us on:  Thank you.

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