Payment FAQs

Some of the mentors and coaches on this site will mentor on a free (pro-bono) basis. This does not mean that the mentors or coaches are less good than the ones who charge. Some people charge for some mentoring/coaching and offer mentoring/coaching to other people on a free basis as part of their giving or service to God.

Other people may charge because mentoring/coaching is their full-time work. This does not mean that they are any less invested in the process from a spiritual perspective.

Mentors and Coaches charge varying amounts for their services. Take a look at the going rates and ask the mentor why they charge as they do if you are concerned. Alternatively, you could ask if you can negotiate a fee.

All of the mentors and coaches on the website have agreed to work and abide by the  Values and Ethical Framework.

No, not all of the mentors and coaches charge. Some offer their services for free, some have standard charges as this is their business, some will charge according to income and others may ask for a gift of your choice.

Some mentors and coaches work informally and do not charge as part of a service to God. These may be people of some considerable experience and standing within the church, who may be retired or work part time. Some mentors and coaches  work more professionally, with accreditation and supervision, and therefore charge for their services. Other use a means-tested approach or may ask for a gift.

The quality of the service offered is not indicative of whether someone charges for their work or not. It is important that you check and satisfy yourself that the service you are receiving is value for money and fits your needs.

Some mentors and coaches have formal supervision and continuing professional development they pay for, and/or mentoring and coaching might be their full-time work. If a mentor or coach has professional accreditation, they are also charged for this, and they may charge for mentoring/coaching to balance their finances to enable them to continue mentoring.

Not all mentors or coaches have professional accreditation and formal supervision, so it is important to satisfy yourself that you are happy to enter into the mentoring or coaching relationship with the skills they have. If you are in any doubt, ask them before beginning!

Different mentors and coaches have different policies on cancellation. It is important to check with the individual mentor or coach before signing up to a mentoring or coaching contract. If the mentor or coach has taken the time to travel to meet you, and you have not let them know you can’t make it, you may be charged if there is normally a charge. Some mentors and coaches have a 24 hour notice policy, but do check what the situation will be for you.

The Christian Coach and Mentor Network charges a yearly fee to each member to cover the admin costs of running the network.  We then ask that if the mentor/coach receive payment for mentoring or coaching directly that they consider gifting a proportion of their payment to us to help us to develop this project further.  However this is not obligatory.

No, the Christian Coach and Mentor Network does not pay the mentors and coaches.

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