Account Help

This page covers help topics relating to your Christian Coach and Mentor Member account. 

If you need further support or wish to report a bug please email:


The main function of your Member Account is to allow you to create a public mentor/coach profile. It also allows you to edit your basic account information.

For general information about becoming a mentor or coach and creating a profile see Become a Mentor.

Registering / Logging In / Reset Password

You must register on the site and log in before you can create a profile. If you are not registered or logged in you can do both here

Select the relevant tab and fill in your details. Here you can also reset your password if you have forgotten it.

If you don’t know the email address or username you used to create your account please email

Account Details / Edit Account Details

Use ‘Edit Account Details’ to change your basic account information. Note: these details are only for account recognition purposes. You can include a different name and email on your profile(s).

Add Profile

Selecting ‘Add Profile’ will display the profile form. All fields are mandatory unless specified as ‘optional’.

You can’t save the form halfway through so you may want to write your Profile Content (the main body of text) before you start.

Once the form is completed your profile will be saved ready to be reviewed by one of our team. You will be notified via email.

Your Profile(s)

Profiles that have been submitted and approved can be edited in the ‘Your Profiles’ section.

Selecting ‘EDIT’ for the relevant profile will take you to the profile form. You can make changes in the same way as when you created the profile. Changes saved to a live profile will take immediate effect, however, changes can still be reviewed by our team.

Deleting your account

At the bottom of the Edit Account Details page is a form to delete your account. 

Deleted accounts cannot be recovered. If you would rather temporarily remove a profile contact

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